Dental Implants

After tooth loss, decay, or damage, there's a lot you may miss, like chewing your favorite foods or smiling in pictures.

While missing teeth can be a stressful problem, they're also a common one. Our dentist, Dr. Thiago Morelli, has a solution.

He places dental implants at our trusted Raleigh, NC, practice. Contact us to explore your candidacy.

Secure, Stunning Smiles Start With Dental Implants

Dr. Morelli creates lasting smiles using dental implants. Typically made from titanium, dental implants are posts that act as artificial tooth roots. They connect custom crowns, bridges, or dentures. Because titanium dental implants are placed in your jaw, you never have to worry about your dental restoration's stability.
dental implant and crown

We're Dedicated
To Premium Materials

We believe that excellent results start with excellent materials. The team at our periodontist's office in Raleigh, NC, uses premium dental implants from trusted providers like Dentsply Sirona, Neodent, and BioHorizons.

Each type comes with its own benefits. For example, Straumann implants are made in a wide range of materials, and Nobel Biocare is recognized as a pioneer of dental implants. Dr. Morelli can guide you through each option, so you can find a dental implant that fits your needs.

Our implant-supported restorations are also made from nothing but the best. We craft crowns, bridges, and dentures from materials like porcelain and zirconia, which are both prized for their durability and lifelike aesthetics. The restorations you receive from our Raleigh team will be as close to natural teeth as you can get.

"Very happy to have my smile back." Tailored Treatment in the Triangle


Jeff Futch


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Very friendly and caring staff. Best decision I've made concerning my teeth. Was nervous and scared at first. The whole team took time to walk me through the process. Definitely was less painful than I thought it would be. Dr. Morelli did an awesome job on my top and bottom implants. Very happy to have my smile back. I strongly recommend.

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Don Bruton


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From the moment I walked in the door… Very professional, super friendly, one-of-a-kind service… Made me feel like I was a family member… they went out of their way far and beyond to make me feel comfortable. I will suggest going here over any other dental office in the Raleigh area… Everyone greets with a smile, and honestly made me forget that I was there for dental work if I could give everybody a five star review from this office, I would… I wish this type of service was more common. Keep up the great work.

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Meet Your Implant Dentist

Thiago Morelli, DDS, MS
As a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) School of Dentistry, Dr. Morelli is used to making complex dental procedures seem simple. His work on implants has also been published, making him an authority even established dentists trust to inform their care.

Why Choose Dr. Morelli?

Dental implants are widely available, even from general dentists. Here are just a few
reasons why Dr. Morelli is an outstanding choice if you want to rehabilitate your smile with implants:

Advanced Training

Dr. Morelli is a periodontist, which means he has more education and training when it comes to the health of your gums and jaw. This advanced understanding of the foundation of your smile can allow you to experience the maximum benefits of dental implants.


Patients are often concerned about discomfort during dental implant placement and subsequent treatments. Dr. Morelli's advanced techniques, use of local anesthesia, and optional sedation treatments minimize discomfort at every stage of your journey to a rehabilitated smile.

Continual Care

Since fixed implant-supported dentures can't be thoroughly cleaned using everyday at-home techniques Dr. Morelli provides biannual cleanings, which is rare among periodontal practices. This can protect your oral health and help your implants provide many years of valuable benefits.

One Convenient Office For the Entire Dental Implant Process

Many dentists do not place implants—they only restore them. For patients, this means the first implant consultation is followed up by referrals to outside professionals and additional waiting time before treatment can start. This isn't an issue at Dr. Morelli's Raleigh practice. As a trained periodontist and experienced implant dentist, he can handle every step of the dental implant timeline himself.

This includes preparatory work that can be complex, like bone grafts and sinus lifts. Our goal is to streamline your care plan so it's easy, efficient, and gets you the results you want faster.

Interior of North Carolina Implants and Periodontics

The Implant Procedure From Start to Finish

If you ever have questions about your care, rest assured you can get answers quick. Our Raleigh practice has a 24/7 call center.

Reach out any time, day or night, to speak about your options.
If you ever have questions about your care, rest assured you can get answers quick. Our Raleigh practice has a 24/7 call center.

Reach out any time, day or night, to speak about your options.

Dental Imaging

To establish implant candidacy, our Raleigh, NC, dentistry practice uses advanced technology to scan your natural teeth, gums, and jawbone, including intra-oral scanning and cone beam computed tomography. We also capture measurements to create a surgical guide and a lifelike restoration.

Supplementary Treatments

Depending on your needs, Dr. Morelli may also recommend supplementary dental procedures. These might include extracting a tooth, periodontal care, or bone grafting – all of which can be completed in-office. In some cases, you may also need time to heal.

Sedation Dentistry

When the day of your dental implant placement arrives, you'll return to our Raleigh office. Although it's not necessary for everyone, to make treatment as comfortable as possible we offer oral conscious sedation to take beforehand, or you may be calmed using IV sedation. 

Implant Placement

Once you're fully at ease, Dr. Morelli will create a small incision in your gums. He'll also make space in the bone below. Then, he'll carefully place your titanium implant using a custom 3-D printed surgical guide for precise results.

Abutment Placement

An abutment, or connector piece, will be placed on top of each implant. Dr. Morelli may attach your abutment and restoration on the day of your implant procedure, or he may attach them after you heal.


The reason why dental implants are so successful long-term is due to osseointegration. This process allows your implant to fuse with your gum and jawbone, so that it remains securely in place for decades to come. Osseointegration takes about three to six months.

Restoration Placement

We send all scans to a trusted local lab in Durham for restoration fabrication. When they're ready, Dr. Morelli will attach your denture, crown, or bridge to the abutments, completing your beautiful new smile.

A Great Reputation in Raleigh "All reviews were spot on!"


Lindsay Hornthal


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I chose Dr Morelli and his team, because of the excellent reviews his office has received. All reviews were spot on! Lovely office, friendly and caring staff and Dr. Morelli is a very impressive periodontist.

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TD Rogers


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Staff was so friendly and welcoming, can tell they enjoy their job.. very refreshing!

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Get Started Today Request Your Consultation

Dr. Morelli has the training, experience, and true compassion you need in order to experience the very best and longest-lasting benefits of dental implant placement. If you have been suffering with a compromised smile or loose, unreliable dentures, now is the time to reach out to a doctor who can help you begin a new phase of comfort and confidence in your life. Write to us or give us a call to request your consultation:

What Happens​ If I'm Not an Implant Candidate?

We may be able to help you qualify for dental implant placement using three kinds of supplementary treatments, depending on your concerns:

Decayed or Damaged Teeth:
Treated by Extraction

Many dental implant patients come to us with a troublesome decayed or broken tooth. Dr. Morelli may be able to extract your tooth and place your implant during the very same visit.

This option has the added benefits of quicker recovery time and consolidating two oral surgery appointments into one.

Gum Disease:
Treated With Periodontics

As one of the leading causes of tooth loss, gum disease is very common in dental implant patients. Of course, our dentist won't place an implant until you're healthy.

He offers periodontal treatments to improve your gum health, as well as your overall oral health, before dental implant placement.

Bone Loss:
Treated With Grafting

When we lose a tooth, it causes our jawbone to deteriorate. Over time, this bone loss can become significant — and since your dental implants need to fuse with your jawbone, it can disqualify you from being a candidate.

However, Dr. Morelli offers bone regeneration, which can restore lost bone, as well as bone grafts and sinus lifts.


The Real Impact Of Implants From Our Raleigh, NC, Team

"Dr. Morelli and his team are amazing! My fiance had implants from other periodontists and they did not even compare to Dr. Morelli's work and expertise!...My fiance wanted to have his whole smile completely redone for our wedding. When we came in, we had 6 months until our wedding and Dr. Morelli didn't even bat an eye and took on the challenge and not only did he do everything he said he would, my fiance's smile turned out better than we could have ever imagined!...If you are considering implants, we strongly recommend Dr. Morelli and his team at North Carolina Implants and Periodontics!"

–Danielle D.

All-on-4 Dental Implants:
A Different Type of Denture

Do you need to replace a full arch of teeth, but you've been told dental implants aren't right for you because of jawbone deterioration? You may be a candidate for the All-on-4® method.

All-on-4 is a system to secure a full denture using only four implants, as opposed to the six to eight needed for traditional placement. The two implants at the back of the jaw are angled to make the most use of the existing jaw material. This means many patients who have some degree of bone loss can still qualify for treatment without a bone graft or sinus lift.

All-on-4 also offers the benefit of immediate denture placement. Dr. Morelli can secure a realistic temporary denture to your implants right after you receive them. While it will still take a few weeks for your custom permanent denture to be fabricated, you'll leave our office with a complete and functional smile on the same day of your surgery.

Smiling All-on-4 patient

The Cost Of Dental Implants


A single immediate-placement implant and restoration will cost around $4,000, while a full arch placement and restoration start at $19,000. Dental implant costs aren't covered by insurance, but implants are an excellent investment in your health. To help you budget for the highest standard of care, we accept LendingClub® and CareCredit® financing.

Why Are Dental Implants  A Good Investment?

They Last a Lifetime

While any restoration will need to be replaced every decade or so, implants are permanent. You'll just want to make sure that you choose a trusted provider and care for your implants properly—and Dr. Morelli is happy to explain how.

They Prevent Bone Loss

When you have a dental implant, it stimulates your bone tissue and prevents deterioration. In fact, it's the only treatment for missing teeth that stops this process. Implants have cosmetic benefits too, like stopping premature aging and sunken facial features.

They Improve Your Confidence

Dental implants are the best option to keep your restoration in place since they are fused to your jawbone. That means no more slipping dentures. Not to mention, they allow your restoration to function like natural teeth so you can enjoy all your favorite foods again.

Talk to Dr. Morelli
About Dental Implants

The best way to make an informed decision about whether implants are right for you is to have a consultation with Dr. Morelli. He can examine your smile and talk about your goals to provide you with a clear picture of what implants can do for you. Send us a message online or give us a call today:

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

How much are dental implants?

At our practice, an immediate-placement implant and restoration is about $4,000. An implant-supported denture will cost about $19,000 per arch. 

Does insurance cover dental implants?

Basic dental insurance does not cover dental implants, but LendingClub® and CareCredit® financing is available to help you budget for this tooth replacement solution. 

Are dental implants painful?

Not when you choose the right dentist! Dr. Morelli uses modern techniques, local anesthesia, and optional sedation dentistry to reduce discomfort to an absolute minimum at every stage of treatment.

How long does the treatment process take?

The treatment timeline is different for every patient, and depends on your unique needs. Some patients may be able to get implants and a restoration immediately, but this is not the case for everyone. For many patients, treatment takes three to eight months to complete. 

Are dental implants really permanent?

Yes, dental implants and abutments really do last a lifetime. The crowns, bridges, or dentures they support will eventually wear and need to be replaced with new restorations, but the implants themselves never need to be replaced.

A Dental Team Raleigh, NC, Trusts


Denise B


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I just couldn’t get over how nice and friendly everyone was. The practice must really treat their employees well. Everyone was very happy and helpful. What a nice experience. Thank you!

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Vanessa J


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I had full mouth reconstruction using implants and zirconia arches. My visits have been pain-free because Dr. Morelli always checks in to insure the experience is as comfortable as possible. He spent time with me, answered my questions and has even responded to my texts after office hours. I look forward to each dental visit and I’m so grateful for my new dental family, new smile, new confidence and new life.

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North Carolina Implants and Periodontics

North Carolina Implants and Periodontics

Established in 2018, our practice is led by Thiago Morelli, DDS, MS. His professional affiliations and distinctions include:

AAP: American Academy of Periodontology

ADA: American Dental Association

Diplomate - American Board of Periodontology

Fellow - International Team for Implantology

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