Can Anything Be Done If I Am Not A Candidate For Dental Implants In Ra By Thiago Morelli on February 05, 2024

While most people will be immediate candidates for dental implants, some people are not immediate candidates for dental implants in Raleigh, NC. Luckily, at a caring and dedicated periodontist's office, those who are not immediate candidates for dental implants can become one through a number of procedures.


Interested in learning more about how people can become candidates for dental implants? Continue reading to learn how people can become candidates for dental implants.

How Will I Be Able To Become A Candidate For Dental Implants In Raleigh, NC?

There are numerous procedures patients can get treated with in order to become a candidate for dental implants. The following explains the main procedures people can get treated with in order to become a candidate for dental implants.

Tooth Extractions:

Sometimes, in order for people to become a suitable candidate for dental implants, they will need to be treated with tooth extractions. A tooth extraction procedure involves the removal of decayed or damaged teeth to make room for dental implants. By extracting these compromised teeth, they can be replaced with trusted and reliable dental implants.

Periodontal Treatments:

Gum disease is a common obstacle that can prevent an individual from being an immediate candidate for dental implants. Gum disease, however, can be effectively managed and treated with periodontal treatments. Periodontists specialize in treating diseases of the gum and bone that support the teeth.


Through deep cleaning procedures like scaling and root planing, as well as localized antibiotic therapy, unhealthy gum tissue can be rehabilitated to create a more stable foundation for dental implants. By addressing their underlying periodontal disease, patients can enhance their oral health and progress towards becoming viable candidates for dental implants.

Bone Grafting Procedures:

Bone grafting is another pivotal procedure for people who have suffered jawbone density loss, preventing them from becoming candidates for dental implants. A bone grafting procedure involves transplanting bone tissue to the jaw, encouraging regeneration and providing the stable base dental implants require to restore the patient's smile.


Over time, the bone graft material fuses with the patient's existing jawbone, enhancing its volume and strength. A bone grafting procedure does not only set the stage for successful dental implants, it aesthetically enhances the patient's smile by restoring the natural contours of their face that have been affected by jawbone density loss.

After Becoming A Candidate For Dental Implants, How Will They Benefit My Smile?

Once people have become candidates for dental implants, they can look forward to their new smile benefiting from them in many ways. These are the main ways dental implants can benefit a patient's smile.

Enhances The Look Of The Patient's Smile:

Dental implants are designed to look and feel like natural teeth, enhancing the overall appearance of the patient's smile.

Restores Dental Functionality:

With the stability of dental implants, the patient will regain the full function of their teeth, allowing them to eat, speak, and chew with ease.

Prevents Jawbone Density Loss:

The dental implant post part of a dental implant structure is made to stimulate the patient's jawbone and preserve their jawbone density. Having an adequate amount of jawbone density is crucial in maintaining the patient's facial structure and oral health.

Are Easy To Take Care Of And Maintain:

Dental implants can be taken care of just like natural teeth. As long as the patient brushes and flosses daily, and goes for a dental check-up biannually, their new smile will last for years to come.

Will Not Cause Strain On Neighboring Teeth:

Unlike dental bridges, dental implants do not rely on neighboring teeth for support, which helps protect the overall integrity of the patient's oral health

Increases Confidence:

By getting a complete, functional, and healthy new smile with dental implants, people will experience a significant boost in their self-esteem and confidence.

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